Heroes of the Heart

Southwest is exceedingly proud of our Customer-facing Employees who often get well-deserved attention and accolades, but so many Employees work tirelessly behind the scenes. In response, under the auspices of the Companywide Culture Committee, Colleen Barrett created Heroes of the Heart to celebrate a behind-the-scenes Team or workgroup rather than an individual.

Since 1993, nearly 30 different teams have received the Heroes recognition, including Emergency Response, Airport Affairs, Diversity & Inclusion, Meteorology, Investor Relations, Fuel Management, and most recently, Network Planning. Because Southwest is the LUV airline, the award is bestowed around Valentine’s Day. The winning Team’s name and award logo is placed on one of Southwest’s aircraft to fly during their one-year reign.  

The 2021 Heroes of the Heart winner—the Customer Experience Team—is a workgroup that made significant contributions to Southwest’s response to the pandemic. This Team partners with groups across the Company to help vet decisions and implement changes that impact Southwest’s Customers. In a year where everyone had to continually pivot, Customer Experience was especially agile and proactive. The Customer Experience Team’s thoughtful work on launching and fine-tuning The Southwest Promise ensured that Southwest remained focused on Safety and Hospitality in an unpredictable environment.

Congratulations, Customer Experience! What an honor to be recognized as our Heroes, especially during our 50th year.

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